Information About Ordering

We work directly with brokers. See list below

We do not have minimums but some brokers do so check with your broker

All new Grower Truck orders must be received by DGI a minimum of 10 days before ship week to allow for routing. All order changes, new customer pick up, and UPS/FedEx orders must be received by noon EST on the Wednesday before ship week

Order directly with one of these brokers:

Ball Horticultural Co
(800) 879-2255

BFG Supply Co
(800) 883-0234

Eason Horticultural Resources
(800) 214-2221

(855) 674-8440

Germania Seed Co
(800) 380-4721

(800) 323-7253

Henry F. Michell Co
(800) 422-4678

(800) 482-4800

Mchutchison Horticultural Dist
(800) 943-2230

Vandenberg Horticultural
(800) 955-3813

Vaughan’s Horticulture
(855) 864-3300