Job Opportunity

General Manager – Greenhouse

Oversee all aspects of growing; supervise growers and their required tasks within their growing area; oversee all chemical and biological applications made to the crops including PGRs; properly identify overall plant health including identification of plant diseases and pests; assure all protocols are met in order to maintain a healthy growing environment coinciding with breeder protocols within their license agreements; oversee all climate control settings to ensure production timelines are met along with efficient energy use; manage quality and efficiency of all assigned greenhouse tasks; oversee and manage the mechanical operations of the facility; analyze efficiencies of workflow though out the facility and how leanflow strategies can be implemented; build and maintain year-round and seasonal staff requirements to work within a team setting; analyze product mix to ensure continued growth for the future; execute the strategies for continued growth for the company; manage new variety trials along with trialing of new growing techniques and processes that will be new to the market place; analyze costing and pricing ensuring all products are profitable; and track sales to ensure goals are being met.

Requires a minimum 10 years of experience as a Head Grower, Production Planner, Greenhouse Operations Manager, Management Consultant or closely related occupation in the greenhouse propagating industry. Also requires 10 years of experience in propagating high quality annuals and perennial liners and plugs; 10 years of experience with all forms of plant material including unrooted cuttings, callused cuttings, seed and tissue culture; and two years of experience with PGRs, plant nutrition, and pest management via chemical and biologicals. Up to 10% travel is required to various unanticipated locations. This G. Pepper Holdings, LLC d/b/a DGI Propagators position is located in Hudsonville, MI. Send resume and cover letter to